We are proactive communicators and dedicated collaborators.

We provide creative financial solutions for business professionals. At SKMB, the goal of our firm has remained the same since our inception: to be problem solvers in the modern business environment.

The way we work

Since our doors opened in 1959, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with creative financial solutions. We conduct an extensive review of your current financial situation and make recommendations to fit your personal needs. We work with you to set patterns that eliminate waste and maximize profit. Many business professionals are operationally-oriented, and we provide a financial knowledge base for them to use while running their business on a daily basis. Communication with clients is an essential element of our professional relationship, and we are proactive in advising clients and steering them away from financial, tax-related, and operational problems.

What sets us apart

At SKMB, our clients are privy to our network of professional associates. We take the time to understand your business, develop customized plans to meet your needs, and make ourselves available to bring those plans to a reality. As this business relationship is developed, we share our resources to further support the goals and success of our clients. We bring you a network of professionals.

Our range of services

With more than 75 years of collective accounting and taxation experience, we excel in Audit, Compilations and Reviews, individual taxation, business taxation, and complex and generalized business accounting matters and procedures.


Our staff emphasizes accessibility and availability to clients. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.